Why can’t I lose weight? Here’s your answer

I have tried Vegan, I have tried Vegetarian and I have tried eliminating Meat and I just ended up losing weight BUT adding fat and losing my muscle mass.

Why is that bad?

Because you need muscle! And Visceral fat is the fat that surrounds your organs.

For example, The more fat you have around your heart,The harder it will work to pump blood, and at the end it causes fatigue and then there are higher risks of a heart attack.Simple as that.

Muscle mass= Bye bye Visceral Fat

A lot of people don’t consume enough protein.Protein in combination with Complex carbs is needed to be absorbed to get rid of Fat.

And let me tell you, You can still be Skinny and be Fat.Thus the term “Skinny-fat”.You can lose 10kgs but what you might not get is that you lost muscle mass and have increased your fat.Yeah,You look smaller and the scale shows less…But you have put on the dangerous kind of fat.

It’s important to eat a balanced diet and based on your body a specific amount of protein a day.You can get information on your visceral fat, Your metabolic age,body mass, Bones ,water etc by using the Tanita Scale.Just because you eat all veggies doesn’t mean it’s 100% good for you. It’s all about balance.Even too many fruit at some point is bad because they still contain natural sugar and it’s not that great for your teeth! 😉

Each Body is Different:Find out your metabolic type

Metabolic type is just a way to say what kind of foods you have to eat.

One person has to eat a low-carb diet for example and another person flourishes on a high-carb diet. ( I hate using the word Diet for just for the example haha )

Protein Type: The protein types including me.. do really well on a low-carb “diet” and high in Protein and healthy fats,Processed carbs usually make them feel tired and lethargic and adds fat faster.That’s why it’s better to choose complex carbs instead.
They love to eat and they love mostly salty and savory foods and snacks.They constantly think about their next meal because we oxidize easier.They tend to get cranky if not eating often.And they enjoy a nice full breakfast.

Carb Type: The vegans and people that do well on a high-carb diet and lower or even eliminate Protein. (Although it’s important to have protein in your diet like I mentioned before)usually these are the people who adore sweets and aren’t really bothered for breakfast.They prefer something lighter usually for breakfast,Like fruit and a toast.

And then you have the mixed : They do well on both.

It’s all about balance and also finding what works for you personally.Just because someone did well on a vegan diet doesn’t mean it will work for you too personally.Don’t get sucked in into all these “diets” and lifestyles that aren’t for you! Treat your body with love and kindness and everything will fall into place.

xoxo Constantina NL


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