Newbie Blogger!

It might sound cheesy but I thought a nice post about me and what I do would be nice since the blog is still new and I’m still trying to build it up..

I am a Student, Currently studying Opera Singing and I’m a Herbalife distributor part-time.My main Passion is Music but I’m also a person that loves doing many things in life…I mean why not? If you can cook and paint at the same time why not use your many talents?
I have always loved cooking and creating my own recipes and through Herbalife I started taking an interest in nutrition.I myself was a bit over weight and Let’s just say i have tried everything! And being an opera singer,,,It’s important to look good on stage and feel confident.Looks and mentally-wise…And for me those come together.

Only until i got my Herbalife Shakes, My supplements, I started to lose fat and getting more muscle mass,Of-course I did exercise a bit at home but it wasn’t something I enjoyed..And going to the gym was stressful for me.. Then I felt more confident and joined the gym where I temporarily live for studies. I manage to go 4 times a week after my classes in the evening and i’m loving it.

Through this blog my goal is to inform people with the proper information about nutrition and hopefully help some to realize that each body is and needs different kind of nutrition to lose fat and to get healthy…Some things work for “Maria” but they may not work for you…More details will be found in my blog later on,, on the “fitness” category  🙂

I am not a professional nor I claim to be a Fitness coach.But I think I can help through my own personal experiences and the knowledge I get from educating myself.Because I know personally what goes through someone’s head and i know what it can do to your mental state.And finally,Hopefully I could get a degree at some point in nutrition and fitness once I reach my goal.

Enough with the talking….Let’s get Cooking!

Maybe soon I will start uploading videos!


xoxo Constantcropped-12459583_10156404524970051_975453573_n.jpgina NL


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