♔Mini stew My way♔

I always make this when I need something hardy and cozy but also healthy.Plus,It was my emergency meal when I was out of money for the month and couldn’t go to the supermarket 🙂 So I used whatever I had and made a beautiful Vegetarian Lentil Stew.

Here’s my own recipe to make a hardy Stew for One!f95694d37f498ec2631d1270c57b000f

♔1 cup of Brown or Green Lentils (Canned or fresh),If fresh boil them seperately first for about 30 minutes

♔1/2 cup red exotic lentils(They only need 10 minutes cooking,Keep that in mind)

♔1 small Sweet Potato

♔1 small Onion


♔1 tsp tomato puree

♔2 cloves of Garlic(Mashed)

♔1 tsp of mustard

♔Optional: White wine+Stock


Easy Peazy :

First fry on low heat in 1 TBSP of extra virgin olive oil the onions,Garlic and the Salt,pepper,turmeric,curry powder and paprika.

then add 1 Cup of wine or Water or Stock if you prefer and turn it to medium heat.

Add your lentils, Cubes of sweet potato,and everything else in.

stir and leave to cook for 20 minutes on medium-low.

Tadaa! You got a mini stew for just you and even for the next day as well!






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