☔ Feeling blue and unmotivated? ☔

I have been going through a period where all i wanted to do is sit in bed and do nothing,And doing nothing made me feel even more guilty thus not being in a mood to do anything…and it just kept going like a circle.

I have been trying to push myself to deal with my Anxiety and face my fears and doubts.And it just feels so much better let me tell you.

I’ve been going to the gym everyday this week including Sunday just to pick myself up.I find it to help a lot,Including my Herbalife nutrition and healthy eating.
Try to write down in a diary your everyday emotions and your doubts and fears and at the end just write “I will do it,I can,Everything is going to be alright”.

What I also do,is look in the mirror and talk to myself..I know it’s creepy but it helps so much to see and talk to yourself as a 3rd person.Just say positive things, to pick yourself up.
Sometimes I even say to myself “Bravo for today,You did good”.

I find it difficult to be happy at times due to my anxiety and over-thinking and sometimes even depression but at the end of the day it’s all up to you and how you’re going to change things.It’s so easy to get sucked in into the depression and it’s so hard to get back out because you don’t know any other way to live.
Don’t take exercise ,Good nutrition and keeping busy and productive for granted.

baby steps…

Just keep Swimming



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